How to Brew Extract and All Grain DVD Series

DVD.HowToBrewWithMaltFrontBrad Smith from BeerSmith and John Palmer, the author of “How to Brew” have teamed up to produce two DVDs to get you into home brewing.

How to Brew with Malt Extract -Released!

Intended for new or beginning beer brewers, this video shows you how to brew your first batch of beer using malt extract.  Hosted by top beer authors John Palmer of “How to Brew” and Brad Smith from “”, this video sets the gold standard for home brewing instruction.  Covers equipment needed, ingredients, brewing, fermenting, bottling and judging your beer using extract and partial mash techniques.  Professionally filmed in HD with hundreds of shots showing every step in the brewing process.  Also includes four bonus videos on partial mash brewing, yeast starters, water and late extract methods.  Aproximately 70 minutes in all!  Available digitally for online rental/viewing/download via Vimeo as well as Amazon Instant Video and also in DVD format on Amazon Prime as well as many beer supply stores.

  • How to select Equipment and Kits/Ingredients for Brewing
  • Step by step instructions for brewing with extract and specialty grains
  • Detailed video on brewing, cooling, fermenting, and bottling your beer
  • Covers Judging and Improving your Beer
  • Bonus videos on Partial Mash, Yeast Starters, Late Extract Additions and Water

How to Brew All Grain – Coming in October 2014

DVD.HowToBrewAllGrainWebThe all grain video is intended for intermediate to advanced brewers looking to step up from malt extract brewing to brewing directly from malted barley grains.  This video covers how to brew all grain beer from start to finish including equipment, ingredients, mashing, brewing, fermentation and much more…  Pricing and specific release date has not been set yet.

  • Selecting the right equipment and ingredients for all grain brewing
  • Conventional mashing and lautering as well as “Brew in a bag” techniques
  • Preparing grains, brewing, fermenting, bottling and kegging your beer
  • Judging and improving all grain beer
  • Bonus footage on water, yeast starters, and designing beer recipes

Release Details – October 2014

  • How to Brew Extract is available now!
  • How to Brew All Grain will be available October of 2014
  • Both DVDs will be available on DVD format, and also on Amazon Instant Video
  • We will also have the option to purchase it for online viewing
  • Wholesale inquiries for the physical DVD are welcome – see our wholesale page for details