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Common Issues/Questions:

  • BeerSmith 3 Licenses: You can view/manage and renew your BeerSmith 3 license by logging in and going to your profile page at
  • BeerSmith 3 Activating/Deactivating/Canceling: There is a license FAQ here that explains how to manage your license.
  • Lost BeerSmith 2 key requests: Only for BeerSmith 1.4 as BeerSmith 2.0 has a lost key feature built into the program.  Be sure to include your full name and the email address you used when ordering so I can find your order quickly.
  • Affiliate/Wholesale Requests: Please include a link/address for your business.  If your business is located in the state of Virginia I will also need a wholesale sales tax form before you can place your first wholesale order, or your order will be subject to Virginia sales tax.
  • Problems Ordering/Did Not Receive Your Key: Please include your name, email used to order and your account name.

For a fast response on technical questions, I recommend checking the Frequently Asked Questions and Videos which I will be updating regularly or post your query to the Discussion Forum where dozens of beta testers can help.

If you have a question and can’t find the answer you can send me a message using the form below:

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