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Gold, Platinum and Annual Level Subscriptions include free Updates and the Web Version
The Basic License is the non-subscription desktop option (no web version). Learn more about licensing here…

1. Select a license level and term
2. Create or use your existing BeerSmithRecipes login
3. Complete your checkout via Paypal or Square
4. Use your login to activate your desktop software

Payment Processing Options

  • By default, all subscriptions are processed via Paypal which accepts all major credit cards. The license is installed directly to your BeerSmithRecipes account.
  • If you select a 1, 2, or 3 year option using the dropdowns on the license selection page (first page) you can also choose Square at checkout which takes all major credit cards. This license is also installed directly to your account.
  • Finally, you can order a BeerSmith license using a major credit card via FastSpring here (No paypal required). This option will email you a license code which must be redeemed to your account before use. Follow the instructions with your email.

What Our Customers Have to Say

“I don’t know how anyone brews beer without BeerSmith™!”
The best money you can spend on brewing!”
“I owe my Gold Medal win to BeerSmith™”
“I LOVE BeerSmith™ – I have both the PC and Mobile App!”
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“Our 3 Barrel brewery relies on BeerSmith™ every day”
“I recommend BeerSmith™ Software to all of my brewing friends!”
“BeerSmith™ gives me confidence when I brew!”
“BeerSmith™ is the best brewing software I’ve ever used!”

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