About the BeerSmith Blog

by Brad Smith


What is this Blog About?

The BeerSmith Home Brewing Blog is all about making beer at home. Topics include brewing tutorials, homebrewing techniques, product and book reviews, articles on brewing popular beer styles and brewing news. While we occasionally post news/tips related to BeerSmith software, the software is not the primary focus of this site – we have another web site for that.

Our goal is to be the top online repository of high quality articles on homebrewing. To that end, we intend to publish 1-2 magazine quality articles each week. We welcome you to subscribe, either via RSS feed or for delivery of our articles via email using the subscription links on the left sidebar.

Why Subscribe?

An excellent question: I put together a collection of reasons to subscribe to the BeerSmith Blog here.

Who Runs the Blog?

This blog is operated and produced by Dr Brad Smith, and occasionally guest authors home brewing community. It is supported by guest authors, volunteers, our BeerSmith team, and you – the readers.

Dr Brad Smith has been brewing beer for over 33 years, is the author of BeerSmith Brewing Software, founded the BrewWiki encyclopedia, writer for Brew Your Own and Craft Beer and Brewing magazines, frequent AHA presenter, and co-authored the original BeerXML recipe exchange standard. Brad also makes mead, wine and cider.

We welcome anyone with an idea, suggestion or comment to comment on the blog, contact us via email below or leave a message on our forum. Your participation is critical to the success and future of the blog. We’re always looking for high quality articles from guest authors as well – so sharpen your pencil and drop us a line!

Reprinting an Article

The articles on this blog are Copyright 2008-2009, Bradley J Smith, All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use or reprint an article or excerpt from this blog in a newsletter, web site, blog or other location, please contact us for permission. With permission and proper attribution, we generally allow reprinting of selected articles.

Many of the images in this blog have been licensed for use on our web site from commercial image providers. Before you copy or reprint an image, please contact us so we can refer you to the image copyright holder.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. We will never willingly share your email address or other private information without your explicit permission. If you subscribe by email, your address will be used only to send you new articles from the blog, and you may unsubscribe at any time.

Note, however, in the digital age it is possible for someone to exploit vulnerabilities in wordpress or our other software to obtain your information. We will do our best to prevent that, but we can’t provide an express or implied warranty – so please take appropriate steps to protect yourself and don’t store your private information on any of our sites. We do not send separate attachments or SPAM, so if you receive either of these allegedly from our site (mail addresses are often spoofed), please delete the message and don’t open it. If you are consistently getting spam that appears to be from our sites, please forward the entire message (including headers) to us.