Download BeerSmith™ Desktop


BeerSmith 3.1 is Here!

The BeerSmith 3.1 update is here – enjoy a free 21 day trial version you can run side by side with your existing BeerSmith 2, or buy a license today!  If you already purchased BeerSmith 3, download and install it from here and activate it after installing.

Windows Download – 3.1.8

Macintosh Download – 3.1.8

Linux/Ubuntu Download 3.1.8

  • Ubuntu 20.04 Debian File: BeerSmith for Ubuntu 20.04
  • Ubuntu 18.04 Debian File: BeerSmith for Ubuntu 18.04
  • Note – if you have install problems run “sudo dpkg -i BeerSmith*.deb”
  • This release does not support Ubuntu screen scaling above 100%, and does not handle “dark mode” well.

Mobile Versions for iPhone and Android

  • BeerSmith Mobile 3 is on the iTunes, Amazon and Google Play app stores.   You can purchase a copy of the mobile app there – just look for “BeerSmith Mobile”.

Additional Downloads and Language Files

  • BeerSmith 3.1 Features and Release Notes
  • Language Files – Download these to your computer, and go to Options->Brewing and click on Set Language XML File near the bottom of the dialog to install these in 3.1
  • Spanish.xml – Spanish language file for BeerSmith 3.1
  • Francais.xml – French language file for BeerSmith 3.1
  • Portuguese.xml – Portuguese language file for BeerSmith 3.1
  • German.xml – German language file for BeerSmith 3.1

BeerSmith™ 3.0, 2.3 and Legacy Versions

BeerSmith 3 Licensing and Upgrade Options

Installing BeerSmith™

  • PC: Run the installer to install BeerSmith 3 and then run BeerSmith from your application start page
  • Mac: Open BeerSmith2.dmg, then drag the BeerSmith program to your Applications directory and run it from there
  • Try it free for 21 days, and activate it with your online license