BeerSmith Licensing FAQ

This page covers licensing problems for BeerSmith 3. For other issues, see the FAQ or Support Page.

What is the difference between the Basic and Subscription licenses?

  • The basic license is a “one time fee” license for those who primarily use the desktop version and do not want a subscription. It includes limited cloud space, but you can store as many recipes as you like on your own computer. It includes minor version updates (3.1, 3.2, etc…) only.
  • The basic license does NOT include access to the BeerSmith Web editor, though you can start a 30 day trial from the site.
  • The yearly subscription options (Gold, Platinum, Pro) provide additional cloud space, access to all future updates and also access to the online brewing tools as well as the BeerSmith Web based recipe editor. The web editor lets you edit cloud recipes from any web browser, tablet or mobile device by logging into your account at

How do I activate my copy of BeerSmith?

How do I deactivate an old copy of BeerSmith?

  • I recommend using File->Full Backup to Zip on your old computer to make a complete zip file backup of your data before deactivating.
  • To deactivate a device, go to the Profile page of your account after logging in here at and click on the deactivate link for the license/device you wish to deactivate.

How do I renew my license?

  • Go to the Profile page of your account after logging in here at
  • Click on the Renew button next to the license itself. If the license is on autorenew, it will renew via paypal automatically.
  • If you are renewing using a gift code, you can enter the gift code in the renewal page. Otherwise make a renewal selection.

How do I change my autorenew payment method or cancel my autorenew payment?

  • Your autorenew is controlled from your Paypal account. Here are detailed instructions – start by logging into your paypal account, then:
  1. Click on the “Gear” icon for your account settings
  2. Next click on the payments tab which is just below the top horizontal menu
  3. Now click on the button “Manage automatic payments”. From here you can change your payment method or turn off the autorenewal.

I paid for BeerSmith 3 but did not receive a code or instructions?

  • You should have received a receipt or gift code, so check your spam folder for your email.
  • If you purchased through Paypal, in most cases the license is installed directly into your Profile page if you login at
  • If the Paypal license did not appear, wait an hour or so before contacting us as in some rare cases Paypal operates on a processing delay.
  • If you purchased via FastSpring you should receive an email with the gift code. If you cannot find it in your spam folder, contact us and we can resend it.

I have a Gift Code for BeerSmith 3 – how do I redeem it?

How do I upgrade or downgrade my account to a different level?

  • Upgrades are available for the difference in price and are manually processed. Send an message with your request and we can send instructions. Be sure to include your login name.

Can I purchase without Paypal?

Can I renew without using Paypal?

  • There is a non-paypal option to renew but it is a bit more complex. You can pay via FastSpring and get a gift code to renew:
  1. Get a gift code at the level you wish from Fastspring (non-paypal) here
  2. You will receive a gift code via email – use that code in the process below
  3. Once you have the code, log in here and click on the renew button for your license
  4. After you hit the renew button there is a box at the bottom of the page to enter your gift code – this will apply the gift code to your existing license and renew it.

When I renewed I accidentally created a second license in my account?

  • In most cases we can merge the two licenses. Send an message with your request. Be sure to include your login name.

I was double charged for my annual renewal?

  • We’ve had some cases where a payment failed and was later charged twice. Send an message with your request and we can correct and refund your payment. Be sure to include your login name and paypal email address.

I want to change my login name on

  • Send an message with your request. Be sure to include your login name, and make sure you send the email from the “email of record” on the account.
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