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Cannot Add Item to Inventory from Shopping List


Nov 30, 2018
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Hi. I have a basic but adequate understanding of inventory management and the steps involved as a user to enable me to add ingredients to a recipe then add them to my Shopping List and finally to my Inventory once purchased.  However, when I click the Add to Inventory button from my Shopping List Beersmith does not subsequently add anything to the Inventory!  I am using Beersmith 3 desktop.  Please could anybody advise why this important functionality is not working?
Not sure why it is not working on your end.  I just tried it three times and each time it properly added items from my shopping list into my inventory.  Running BS 3.1.08 on Win10 system if that makes a difference.

Is there a possible solution please?  I am running Beersmith 3.1.08 in a Windows 7 virtual machine (guest) on a Linux Mint 19.1 host.  Beersmith 3 works perfectly well in the VM so I do not think that is the issue. I may need to contact Brad about this to try to find a solution. 
Hello, I have the same problem. It add some items but not all of the shopping cart. Even if I select line by line and click on add to inventory.
I just figured this out when some items on my shopping list got added and some items didn't. You need to have a non-zero price in the shopping list in order for it to be added to the inventory. No freebies!