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Continuous Hop addition


Mar 14, 2007
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Sam Calagione instructs the Brew Your Own Clone Recipe brewers to mix the 3 hop varieties of his 90 Minute IPA together and then add .25oz every 7 1/2 minutes for 90 minutes.. 

Would be nice if there was a way in Beersmith to 1) Combine hops and 2) Add in a range.. say 90minutes - Flameout...  in even increments..

I can't see any way to do this in the current version and come up with any estimates of IBU that are even close to what I want..



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Aug 25, 2008
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Hmmm. ...do they mix them all up in a jumble, and then take 0.25oz doses to the kettle?  If so, then they have little idea either.  Unless the AA% are all similar and they just guesstimate. 

If I were trying this, I would take the three hops I was using, and I'd measure out the 12 doses using a weighted average of what I used. 

0.08oz Cascade @ ? AA%
0.08oz Columbus @ ? AA%
0.09oz Citra @ ? AA%

..........and I'd do the math and create a new custom hop in BS2 that reflected the weighted average of what I had mixed together.  An ounce of the above mixture at known blended AA% would roughly approximate the three hops. 

Without that math, there's at least a small risk of grabbing a couple doses of high-alpha hops early in the boil and getting high bitterness.