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Forum Login Issue


Grandmaster Brewer
Apr 7, 2017
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Unable to verify referring url. Please go back and try again.

Is anyone else getting this message when logging in? It's been going on for over a week and occurs on my desktop PC running Windows 7 and on my laptop running windows 10. When you enter your login info a second time it then works.
  I did a major forum upgrade last Sunday to bring all of the databases and software up to date which probably broke some things.  I went in and reset a number of settings a short time ago to try to resolve the login issue.  Let me know if it continues.

I still had the same issue after you replied but I logged out... I deleted my bookmark and  went to the website and clicked the forum link from there. That did the trick.

Thanks Brad.
Yes - sorry but I had neglected updates on the underlying PHP and MYSQL to the point where I had to upgrade everything at once - which then caused a few glitches.

I think we have most of it sorted out now, but log out and back in if needed as the cookie system was also updated.

All good since I updated my bookmark.
Try logging out and logging back in and reset any bookmarked links you have to pages.