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Guest Suggestions for Podcast? Post them here...


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Apr 5, 2003
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If you have not checked out our podcast - the main feed is here and you can listen to all of the episodes - it comes out every other week:

Also we are on iTunes so you can subscribe there as well:

I'm looking for interesting, informative, intelligent and entertaining guests for the BeerSmith podcast - I can host up to three people simultaneously over skype from just about anywhere in the world. So if you have any suggestions of who you would like to hear leave a note here. The topic should be homebrewing or beer related.

If you want to forward their contact information, please send me a private message or email - I would prefer not to post other people's contacts directly on the forum.

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I've listened to 3 of the podcasts and have enjoyed the topics and guests very much.  The only critique I would have is to let the guest answer the questions.  A question is asked and the answer is interrupted by you jumping in and answering it yourself.  We know that you know the answer before you ask it but we want to hear John Palmers answer.  Thanks
Thanks - I'll keep that in mind as we go forward...


Is there any way you could expand your RSS feed to make all of the podcasts available to my podcast client (your feed currently only goes back to #13. )? I enjoy the podcasts quite a bit, but manual download gets a bit tedious after a bit.


  I'll try to go back a bit farther if I can.  The limitation is a pretty complex one (it has to do with the fact I use feedburner to host the podcast/blog, and it limits the amount of data in the feed which limits the number of posts I can include).

  Naturally I did not find out about the limit until I posted the podcast feed and ran into the problem, and iTunes has no easy way to change the feed...but I'll push it as far as I can.

Thanks, Brad. I understand how complex these things get, so don't sweat it if it doesn't pan out.


  I was able to get most of the episodes in (currently showing the last 17 episodes on iTunes) without busting the limits.  It would be difficult to add any more without busting the feed.


I've listened to all the podcast's so far and find them very useful.  My only suggestion would be to work on the post production sound quality.  By this I mean, your voice is very boomy...I think some compression would even this out and make it more listenable. 

Just my 2 cents...

Thanks Jay,
  I do run both compression and a number of other filters on the audio - including my own channel.  In fact each guest is recorded on a separate channel, then filtered and edited and then remixed for the final.

  One of the great challenges I have is that I'm running off a direct Heil PR-40 Studio Mic connected right into the digital mixer which gives a pretty rich sound, while the guests are generally using much less expensive headset mics that get compressed by skype.  While often it comes out just fine, sometimes the guest's inexpensive mics sound a bit tinny - even with editing which makes mine sound quite a bit richer/louder by comparison.

I would love to hear more about growing hops. I have started growing my own and have a second big hobby now. I am growing 10 varieties now and love to here everything about them.
  We did a great episode on growing hops last year - go to BeerSmith.com/blog and do a search and you can pull it up pretty quickly.  I'm having another hop guest on in a few weeks as well - so perhaps we'll dive into it again.


I appreciate & enjoy your shows.  Would it be possible to interview some home brewers/clubs that have done some SMASH competitions.  I am too busy to do a series of these.  I would like to take the lazy man approach and learn from others.

Some mead/cider brewers.
Brad, I love the podcast. You and your guests always have great information and insights. With that in mind, would it be possible to start having transcripts available? I often hear things that I want to reference later and it would be a lot easier to do this in a text format.

I've looked at having a transcription service - my concern is that it is unlikely the inexpensive services would transcribe the brewing terms correctly. 

I guess it would not cost much to give it a try for a few episodes - I just don't have a lot of time to hand massage the transcripts afterwards as I already produce the podcast and videos (plus blog, forum, answer emails, fix bugs, and develop new products...) all myself - not much free time left.

Brad, perhaps croud-source it?  Put the initial transcript up on a wiki area, and invite the listernership to help edit it.

I'd be willing to bet the community here would help in the editing.  Delegation is sometimes necessary....

just a thought.
Hey Brad how bout some of our posters that hang out here? That would be pretty cool to here from some of the people that we talk with on this forum.
Anyone who has a good guest/topic just drop me an email as I'm always looking for more!  I would be happy to have a few of the forum experts on.

Also I will research transcription services to see if I can find a good one.


I enjoy your shows and BeerSmith software.  Would it be possible to do a show on Gluten Free Home Brewing?  A potential guest might be the person who runs the Facebook site:

Hi Brad, I love listening to your podcast!

I would be interested to hear a show that talks about using malt extract, from a more intermediate and advanced brewing perspective. 

Most of the information regarding extract seems to be geared towards beginners who will quickly move away from the sticky stuff to begin all grain brewing.  However, the same footnote that "some people make award-winning beers with malt extract" is always included. Maybe you can interview one of those elusive award-winning extract brewers on the technical aspects of brewing with extract.  I would love to hear some up-to-date and informed opinions on brewing water and the mineral content of extract, hop utilization, Maillard reaction, late extract bitterness, considerations for recipe conversion, selecting extract type/brand, designing better kits for LHBS, and generally how to craft a better product while brewing with extract and specialty grains or a partial mash.