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Guest Suggestions for Podcast? Post them here...


I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your podcasts!  One topic suggestion:  Water treatment?  Maybe with some emphasis around chlorine/chloramine removal and things like campden tablest and inline charcoal filters as opposed to letting water sit out overnight.  I'd really like to hear more about campden as I seem to find conflicting info around its usage in brewing beer and any potential for negative effects.
Another angle could be around tools for use with making adjustments such as BeerSmith and some of the spreadsheets that are out there.

Keep those podcasts coming...  I look forward to seeing new ones pop up on my device!  :)
  I am not sure where I should have put this because it is a site suggestion not a Podcast suggestion.  I do not have a way to download all of the podcasts, so I have to go and find them one by one and download them.  It would be really helpful if there was a way that I could jump to a certain page of podcasts, since I am in the middle of listening to them I have to go back to the page and download them individually.  Again I am sorry if this is not the right place to post this. 

Thanks in advance,

A suggestion for a guest would be Ken Grossman.  His book, Beyond the Pale, came out recently and it would be great to hear from one of the movers and shakers of the craft brewing movement.

Hi Brad,

Over the last few weeks I have listened all of your podcasts and picked up some really great information, I'm actually re-listening to some, too.
I think beer clarity, filtration, sediment and haze reduction, finings, etc, would make a great episode.  I'm sure just about any of your previous guests would have heaps to say on the topic!

I've been listening to your podcast for some time now.  It goes without saying I've learned a lot.  If I were to categorize your guests into a group, I'd say they are all long experienced brewers or persons with many years experience in their field as it relates to brewing.  As I listened to a few early podcasts tonight and read some of your early articles, I think it would be interesting to hear from  someone who's become a very solid brewer in the recent past, who hasn't yet forgotten their early experiences in brewing.  Perhaps someone who knows enough about brewing now to have been a great help to themselves had they been there to mentor themselves a few years back when they began.  I know I sort of fit that mold, in that if I had the accelerated learning curve (knowing then what I know now, at great expense I might add) my brewing would be / could be, years advanced from where I am now.  Sadly, I'm not guest material. 

Maybe such a podcast is a pipe dream.  But I think you get more new brewers listening in than you might suspect, and a back and forth exchange laughing at past failures, with a hint or two how to avoid same, would make for an interesting show.  It might also be difficult to syllabus.


Maybe get in some people in from the NEIPA world that started out as home brewers such as JC Treteault from Trillium Brewing, Noah Bissell form Bissell Brothers or Nate Lanier from Tree House Brewing to discuss the processes and science behind NEIPA's (e.g. debunking the myth that the haze comes from yeast in suspension) and how to make NEIPA's at home. Especially JC Treteault and Noah Bissell have been very helpful towards questions of homebrewers with giving tips on how to get similar results as with the Trillium/Bissell beers.
Hey!  Love the show!

Recently listened to the episode with the instructor from VLB in Germany.  Maybe you could get someone (an instructor, or student even?) that has attended Siebel to talk about what that program is like since it located mostly in the US.