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Lost on batch sparging utility


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Nov 10, 2004
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Troy, MI
Batch sparging is a essentially dilution calculation.  Complicated by the variables that you use,  number of batches, amount of grain, etc.  To accurately predict the gravity of the wort we must know the gravity points available for dilution.  In order to determine the total points for this we must use the MASH efficiency, how completely the grain has converted.  I find 80% works on my system.  Specifically not the overall system efficiency, though this does depend on the mash efficiency.

Batch Sparge efficiency falls off as the amount of grain mashed.  More specifically on the amount of water retained by the grain.  This retained water represents a loss of gravith points which obviously increases as the amount of grain goes up.  This could be compensated for by increasing the boil volume, but then our boil times may be longer than intended to reduce the volume.    

Batch Sparge efficiency is optimized by sparging the largest volume possible (Sparge your entire boil volume) and by making each "batch" the same size.  That is if you are going to boil 6 gal sparge 2 batches of 3 gallons.

Hope this helps some understand what is happening.



I think it was  pretty much been dead on for me...here goes  when batch sparging is selected you choose the amount of runoffs you would like.Is just like him,Thanks!