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Mead calculations

French Fish

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Jun 8, 2013
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As a long time beer brewer and an avid mead maker I'd really like to be able to put in liquids that already have a specific OG for themselves.  Right now I can kind of fake it.  So, for example, I'd like to put in that a added 3 gallons of apple cider with a measured OG of 1.048; the program would then calculate the the OG into the final and note that 3 gallons of liquid are in as well.
I'd really like to see this as well, as a potential mead and hard cider maker, it's too complicated to try to figure out how to properly design the recipe.
Well you have the tool already as is it is the O.G. What is the F.G and ABV of what you want to brew? You are talking a Braggot if you add gains and hops. I may add less of the base malt to hit my O.G. or reduce the amount of honey. As some one that makes Meads and Braggots and also is an IT person you can already add the info under Add Misc any info I need to brew up what I want.
Here is a basic add to the program Barley wine your choice of crystal, hops and amount of honey. You have to import the file.


  • Basic Barley Wine.bsmx
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