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Metrics, not correct while adding misc, ingrediënt


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Jan 21, 2012
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Beersmith Mobile 2.1.59, set units to Metrics.
Adding misc ingredient (example coriander), cannot add it in grams, have to use oz.
Sometime tbsp or tsp.

some i can use in grams, but not all.
Can this be easaly be fixed with an update?


Grandmaster Brewer
Sep 6, 2011
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Ventura, CA
It sounds like you've set Options > Units to their metric settings.

Misc items are handled case by case because they can be added as a unit (like tablets or box, etc) or parsed out in odd increments. If you go to Ingredients > Misc you'll see the complete list of what ou have. You can add items in this tab and set them to default to the increments you want.

Ingredients > Misc choose an item (Irish Moss) by double clicking the item. When the menu box opens, you'll see the Recommended Amount fields. Next to the Amount field, you can change the increment to metric units as a default.

You can also set a dosing rate for any item. The next field is For a Batch of. This likely says Liters for you. Here, you have a deceptively powerful tool for scaling recipes. 

If this field is set to an increment below a full batch size (i.e.: 1 liter) then BeerSmith will calculate the item as per liter according to the recipe batch size. This can be any dosing rate you want it to be.

If you make the For a Batch Of field to 0, then BeerSmith will consider the Amount an absolute number and add exactly that amount to the batch, regardless of size. For instance, a Whirlfloc tab can be good for up to 60 Liters, but is also usable at 20 as a single tab. Maybe your batches range in size, but you always just need 1 tab. Setting the Batch field to 0 will always add just 1 tab to a recipe.

While it may be a little tedious, you will probably have to spend a little time changing Misc items individually. Yet, once set correctly, they should always give you the correct amount.