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Mobile beersmith inventory cloud view


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Jan 13, 2013
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Near Dubuque, Iowa
Make it so I am able to view my inventory from desktop on beersmith mobile via cloud. I take my smartphone to local supply shop, view my inventory, stock up. Done.
Yes please! Inventory in mobile would be great and would be easier to carry in the LHBS than my laptop! :D

This would also mean it could share the inventory between the various computers registered.

I have BS3 on home computer, work computer and mobile on iPad.  Having a shared inventory would mean I can plan my next brew day at work or mobile.  Also can just take iPad to LHBS and make sure I get everything I am missing.

The lack of shared inventory is my biggest complaint of Beersmith Mobile, but is not the only one.  I have Beersmith installed on both home and work laptops, and Mobile on each my iPhone and Amazon tablet.

Syncing Recipes, Profiles, Ingredients, and most of all Inventories via Dropbox or similar service would be a huge improvement for the Desktop and Mobile apps continuity.
Was just doing a quick search on this topic as I am configuring BS3 on a new laptop. It would be incredibly useful to either have a way to export the inventory to bsmx or sync it with the cloud.