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New member checking in


Oct 2, 2010
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Livonia MI USA
Hello all
  I am very new to home brewing, my first batch was bottled about two weeks ago. It came out very well. I have been growing hops in my yard for about 3 years now and finally decided to use them. I initially purchased them as a fast growing vine for a fence line. I have about 4 types mixed together so it is next to impossible to sort them as I picked them for the first time this year. I used them in my first 5 gallon batch.  I made a IPA 8 lbs liquid Malt, 1 lb Crystal grain, and Fermentis Dry Ale Yeast (Safale US-05) The result was a very good beer. I just purchased the supplies for my 2nd 5 gallons.
  A little about me
Age 56 still working 40 hr week at DTW
Married, our only child is a  10 year old Yorkie
My main hobby is Woodworking.
I've done over 30 Tall Ship cruises last on Star Clipper - Venice IT to Athens GR
My location is about 1/2 way between Detroit and Ann Arbor
Detroit Lions Season ticket holder (row 6) for this awful team but I'm at almost every home game.

This forum will be a good addition to one of my new hobbies