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Spanish Translation


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Apr 5, 2003
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Please post your progress on translation of BeerSmith 2 into Spanish here.

  • When you start work on a new file, drop a note here so others will know
  • When you complete work on a file, please post it as an attachment so others can check/use it
  • If you don't know where to start, see the "Sticky Threads" at the top of the BeerSmith 2 Translation Discussion Board


tenemos traducido.

30% de los menus, string y etcs.

en general estamos a un 95%

saludos, chiqui
Here are the files I have to date (there may be more recent ones)
- Fermentation profiles
- Carbonation profiles
- Equipment profiles
- Grains
- Hops
- Misc profiles
- Waters



  • Age.bsmx
    6.9 KB · Views: 4,431
  • Carbonation.bsmx
    3 KB · Views: 3,887
  • Equipment.bsmx
    16.4 KB · Views: 4,033
  • Grain.bsmx
    111.7 KB · Views: 3,790
  • Hops.bsmx
    85.4 KB · Views: 3,784
  • Misc.bsmx
    25.7 KB · Views: 3,647
  • Water.bsmx
    21.8 KB · Views: 3,738
hola, se puede saber algo sobre la traducción del beersmith 2??
gracias i salut!

How do I get this translation to my mac?

Thanks in advance
Buenos Dias.

Como va el tema de la traduccion del programa al castellano?? se puede ayudar con el proceso??


Good Morning.

How's the translation of the program into Spanish? ? I can help with the process?

The tools for translating the program are in the "Sticky" thread at the top of this discussion board.  I'm not aware of anyone who has completed a Lang.xml file for Spanish yet.  I believe most of the data files have been translated and are posted above.

If you can finish the language file, I can package the entire Spanish into an installer.

Hola amigos como veo que esto no tiraba hacia adelante me e dispuesto a traducir el programa, en cuanto lo tenga mas avanzado y testeado lo subire, un saludo
Hi everyone and Brad:

I would like to know which are the files that are already translated, to start translating the rest. If all the files are translated, maybe I could review those files to check the translation.


Hola a todos y a Brad:
Me gustaría saber que archivos están ya traducidos, veo que en uno de los post hay unos cuantos pero no sé si solo son esos o hay ya mas hechos. Si todos están hechos, quizás podría revisar las traducciones para comprobarlas.


It looks like the big one missing is the lang.xml file which translates the program itself.
Hi all,

As I don't know if someone is still translating the program into spanish (last post was on March 2013) I'm going to start translating it, and if anyone wants to help, I can upload the file at the end of the day for him to help and check the translation.


Hi Santi (sjosa), I can help you with the translation. Let me know how are you with that.
Hi Jose:

I think I have finished with the "Menus" part, but it need some reviewing, some words may not be the best and can be changed. I have attached the lang file so you can continue translating it. If you want, you can upload it next weekend so I can continue you translation and do it one week each.




  • Lang.xml
    604.7 KB · Views: 1,041
You have to read the Topic "Step 2: Translating the BeerSmith 2 Program" and download the BResource.zip file, and follow the instructions of translating.

Hi Santi,

Nice job!! Tank you so much.

I am new to BeerSmith and was about to translate it. To join efforts and to improve the translation process you could lead a "BeerSmith unofficial Spanish team "  where I would collaborate.
What do you think about it? and,  what do any other people think about it?
Hi Juan,

I think that every effort we could do will be better. I have translated what I posted, and I think that Donpepone is continuing the translation. I think that is needed to continue the previous translation file, so if Donpepone finishes what he is translating, we could share the translation process. If everybody wants, each one can take over the translation during a week, and at the end of the week upload the lang file so another one could translate it next week. Of course, every one that will help translating must upload the file at the end of his time or say something, in order to avoid waiting for a long time or having different files.
What do you think?