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When will we be able to sync inventory?

Baldhead Brewer

Sep 20, 2013
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When will we be able to sync inventory between the desktop and the app versions of Beersmith? This has been a feature promised for years. There has been requests for it from 2017 and earlier. It's been a constant request, and we have been promised it is being worked on. I want to be able to pull up my inventory when I'm at the brewshop. I want to be able to craft recipes on my iPad from my inventory. Please implement this feature!
Many share you pain, I too would like this feature, along with the Hop Age tool that Brad told me would be in the next release (via email)... that was nearly 2 years ago

My guess is, 2 weeks... oh wait, that is what we say on the CalGuns website when someone asked when will a verdict be given.  The answer is always 2 weeks, meaning............. never in most cases