Author Topic: Feature Request: Adjust Mash Temp in Mash Profile  (Read 3566 times)


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Feature Request: Adjust Mash Temp in Mash Profile
« on: January 17, 2009, 03:08:44 AM »
Hi Brad,
A small, but useful (for me anyway) addition would be the ability to use the same features as you get in the "Adjust Mash Temperature" tool as a mash step in a mash profile.

My current mash method is to add a volume of hot water straight out of my Hot Water System at 56C then top-up with just-boiled water to the mash volume and target temp (~65C).

I can do it easily using the adjustment tool, but it'd be nice to include it on the brew sheet as a mash step.

I had another crazy idea that you might consider implementing in v2.0 (or later!). It's about automatically setting the grain and mash tun temperatures for the mash profile, based on the current weather conditions in your area. You can scrape these from somewhere like or the weather channel's website.

It would be an awesome idea to be able to pre-plan your mash-in for the weekend without having to set the equipment & grain temps manually on the day.
It would also mean that you wouldn't have to keep adjusting the mash profiles during season changes.

Anyway, thanks again & keep up the great work.  ;D