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Yeast Ingredients Package Amounts

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Brew Bama:

--- Quote from: BOB357 on April 21, 2020, 12:45:03 PM ---You can enter the approximate cell count, which is much more accurate way of quantifying than weight in grams. Different strains have different cell counts/gram, so can be quite different than the commonly used assumption of 200B cells in an 11.5 gram packet. Yeast manufacturers usually give minimum cells/gram specific to strain on their web sites.

--- End quote ---

+1. I believe the mfr calculator is doing that for me when it has me select a yeast strain from a drop down menu. Otherwise, the strain would be irrelevant. At this point I simply use 1.3 as the number packages but the software won?t display 1.3 pkg, it rounds down to 1 pkg in my recipe view. Likewise, if I use 1.5 packages it rounds up to 2 pkg in my recipe view.

If I input .66 oz of hops, the recipe view displays .66.  It doesn’t round up to .7 or 1 oz.

Either the display should allow a partial pkg or an option to display grams of dry yeast IMO.


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