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Hi from Rugby UK
« on: December 13, 2013, 01:33:08 AM »
Just a quick Hi

I'm from Rugby in the UK

I have been making beer/wine for a good 20 to 30+ years now, in fact I can't remember when I started as I started when I used to help my dad make his.

Wines: I have made both from kits and raw stock picking flowers and berries myself and turning it in to wine.

Cider: I have made again both using kits and real apples mulching them down and pressing them.

BUT Beer, so far only ever done it from a kit, now I want to learn how to do it the proper old fashioned way using hops, barley, but have no idea where to start, still trying work out the recipe format and what it all means.....

I have found an old pasta maker/ roller and intend using this to crack the barley I have an old cool box to use to make the mash, and have been watching stuff on you tube to get ideas so well on the way to getting started just a cooler to sort out now......