Ten hop-saving tips for surviving the ongoing hop crisis. With brewing hops in short supply, everyone is looking for ways to use less hops. This week’s article includes a collection of home brewing tips to conserve and preserve your precious hops supply and save you money in the process.

Given the hop shortage of 2008 we featured in an earlier article, it was great to hear that Samuel Adams will be offering 20,000 pounds of Tettnang and East Kent Goldings hops pellets for sale to microbreweries at cost. Though the 88 pound boxes are above the reach of most homebrewers, the sale is welcome […]


If you’ve made a trip to the local homebrew store you have probably noticed that hop prices are up and many of your favorite hops simply are not available at any price. I ordered hops last week at prices over $4 per ounce for some varieties. What caused the shortage? What does it mean for […]