Malt for Beer Brewing with John Mallett – BeerSmith Podcast #94

John Mallett, the Director of Operations at Bell’s Brewing joins me to talk about his new book “Malt: A Practical Guide from Field to Brewhouse”  This is the final book in the four part Brewing Element series from Brewer’s Publications.  John discusses varieties of malt, the malting process and how various malts are used in beer brewing.

You can find the full episode with show notes here.

New Hop Varieties with Nathan Smith – BeerSmith Podcast #93

Nathan Smith joins me this week to discuss the many new hop varieties coming out for home and craft beer brewers.  Nathan, an award winning brewer, gave a presentation at last year’s National Homebrew Conference on some of the great new hops entering the market, and shares this with us today.

Note: The full episode with show notes can be found here.