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Brewing Sour Beers with Michael Dawson – BeerSmith Podcast #108

Michael Dawson, former host of Brewing TV joins me this week to discuss brewing the perfect sour beer.  Michael shares some amazing tips for quickly brewing a Berliner Weisse as well as Lambic in this special episode recorded at the National Homebrew Conference in San Diego.

You can find the full episode and show notes here.

Brett and Sour Beer Brewing – BeerSmith Podcast #17

This week we talk about methods for making sour and wild beers using Brettanomyces yeast (Brett). Brett is used in many sour beers styles including Lambics, Gueze, Oud Bruin, Berliner Weisse, and others. My guests are Drew Beechum and Nathan Smith – both of whom have done extensive brewing using Brett.

NOTE: The full episode with show notes can be found here.