Getting Started with BeerSmith

BeerSmith Getting Started Guide

Welcome to BeerSmith – this brief article will help you get started with BeerSmith and highlight many key features and as resources.  You can watch short videos on how to use many of the key features here.

Step 1 – Selecting or Creating an Equipment Profile

To create your first recipe in BeerSmith, the program first needs to know a little about how large a batch you are making and your equipment setup.  In BeerSmith, this is called an equipment profile.  You have the following options:

  • You can go to Profiles->Equipment and view the pre-installed profiles to see if there is one close to your particular setup.  Often you can modify an existing profile by adjusting the losses/volumes slightly and use it.
  • You can go to File->Add-ons and search for an add-on matching your equipment profile.  We have profiles for many specific vendors here like Blichmann, Brewha, and many others.  If you find a matching add-on, just download it and it will be installed in your Profiles->Equipment view for future use.
  • You can create your own equipment profile as described in the video linked here.

Once you have a good equipment setup, you can use it in a recipe by selecting it or to permanently set that profile as the default you can go to Tools->Options->Brewing (or BeerSmith->Preferences->Brewing on Mac) to set your profile as the default.

Step 2 – Create a Recipe

When you open BeerSmith it is in My Recipes view and it shows a list of recipes and folders.  To view some of the sample recipes just open the sample recipe folder and double click on any recipe.  To create a new recipe in a folder, click on the Add Recipe button on the top left of the ribbon bar.

This video walks you through creating a simple beer recipe, though you can also create wine, mead and cider recipes by selecting the appropriate type.  The basic process is to select a recipe name and type, then select your equipment profile and style of beer or beverage and then start adding ingredients.  Most ingredients are pre-loaded though you can get additional ones by downloading add-ons.