Home Brewing with BeerSmith – My New Book

by Brad Smith on September 30, 2010 · 6 comments

I’ve had a lot of people ask me if there was any way to get a printed collection of the articles from the BeerSmith blog. Soon, the answer will be yes. I’m in the process of editing my first home brewing book titled “Home Brewing with BeerSmith” for publication in late October. I’m really excited […]

Filtering Home Brewed Beer

by Brad Smith on August 27, 2010 · 56 comments

Almost all commercial brewers filter their beer to rapidly improve flavor and clarity. Yet few home brewers filter their beer, either because they lack the equipment or prefer the raw flavor of unfiltered beer. However filtering is a good option for intermediate to advanced brewers who want crystal clear, smooth flavored beer. Why Filter? Filtering […]


Today we present part three of our guide on making beer at home. In the last two articles we described steps one and two including the basic equipment required to make beer at home, and the brewing process. In the final article of the series, we will walk through bottling, aging and drinking your first homemade beer.

Brewery workshop

In part two of our series on how to brew beer, we cover “brew day”, where you boil and ferment your first homebrewed beer. Join us for part two of this series on making beer at home.


Have you ever wanted to make beer at home? Home brewing for the first time? Start the new year with a three part guide that takes you through how to brew your first batch of beer.

With the ongoing hop crisis, brewers are turning to growing hops for beer in the garden. Learn how to grow your own hops at home from rhizomes to create your own perennial hop supply. Part 1 of our 5 part series on the hop crisis.

Making a yeast starter for your homebrew beer will improve the quality and reduce the chance of infection. This week we cover how much yeast to use and how to create a yeast starter…