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John Palmer on Hops and Home Brewing – BeerSmith Podcast #46

This week my guest is John Palmer, author of “How to Brew”. John shares his thoughts on brewing with hops including some of the newest understanding regarding how to get the most out of high alpha hops, hop freshness and when to best add hop additions to maximize your flavor and aroma.

NOTE: The full video and show notes for this episode can be found here.

Hop Chemistry and Beer with James Altwies – BeerSmith Podcast #38

This week my guest is James Altwies, the President of Gorst Valley Hops. James is an expert in hop chemistry and this week we’re going to discuss what alpha acids, beta acids and hop aroma oils are and how they can help you make better beer. James also shares how you can maximize your hop aroma and flavor in beer.

NOTE: The full episode video and show notes can be found here.