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Sep 22, 2009
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I have an HTC Magic phone. Is there anything planned for Android?

I can export as HTML etc, and this works fine - but a slick UI etc, what do i need to do to help make this work?


  Not at the moment, though I am working towards a Linux port of BeerSmith.  However it would still require a substantial amount of work to resize everything for the small handheld screen.

Untill Brad comes up with an Android feature, try out the new Brewzor (http://brewzor.com/)
I just discovered Brewzor and it seems that there is a beta that will allow import of .XML pretty handy
Brewzor is a very handy app, and is being worked on and updated weekly..  Even if we never saw a BeerSmith android app, I think that between these two developers we could get a very smooth transition with the export/import features to use our phones on brew day for changes and etc... 

The application has the ability to bring in "database" items such as hops/grains/yeast etc, and if it was linked correctly with beersmiths defaults this could help the average beersmith user to see simular results across the two platforms.