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I am using beersmith brewing software and need help with strike water
temp.13.250 pounds of grain at indoor tempt. of 66 f.My
igloo 5 gal  mash tun is stored outside and is 55f.What would be the tempt
of the strike water? Thanks for your help

Hi jimmy
If you are using beersmith then there is a Strike/infusion calculator in the tools menu, you will need to know what mas tem you are aiming for. Also Brad has a good guide for setting up ypur equipmement ie. mash tun. just look in the tips section of this website (i think )

テつ The answer is "it depends" only because I don't know what your target temperature is!

テつ You can set the grain/tun temperature by pressing on the "Details" button next to the mash profile name in a recipe and then setting the grain/tun temperature.

テつ BeerSmith assumes that both the grain and the tun are at the same temperature. テつ However, when I tried it with both a 55 and 66 F setting the difference in strike water temperature was about two degrees.

テつ For a Single Infusion, Medium body (154 F step, 1.25 qts per lb) I came up with 166.8 assuming grain/tun are at 66 F and 168.4 assuming both are at 55F. テつ The true value is probably somewhere in the middle, but the grain is the dominant factor (13 lbs of grain vs a 4-5 lb mash tun) so I think somewhere around 167+ would be perfectly acceptable. テつ I personally have trouble reading much closer than a degree on my thermometer in any case.

テつ I do recommend taking a look at the equipment setup article as well...




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