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Add Check PH Brew Step
« on: January 09, 2017, 09:46:03 AM »
I know this may be a bit silly, but is there any way to add a default step to check the PH level of the mash?  I believe if you're going to check the PH, the sample should be drawn from the mash 10 minutes in.  I like printing out the "Brew Steps" page when I'm brewing.  I find it very useful to keep me on track and provides me a check list, without using a PC or other electronic while brewing.  Well, the timer on the Beersmith mobile app is really nice and I do use that.  I think this additional step/line in the process would help me remember to set the timer and take the sample.

I've done a few searches on here and using Google, but I cannot seem to find a way to add it properly in the mean time.  I tried adding a step to the mash tab for the specific brew I am working on, but it seems like it just doesn't fit in there right.  I am going to keep working on it to see how I can manually add it, but it would be nice if it was a default like the step "If steeping, remove grains, and prepare to boil wort".

Thanks for all the work you do Brad!

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Re: Add Check PH Brew Step
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2017, 01:20:25 PM »
To get this to show up on the timer, you will need to break down the mash steps.  For instance, if you are doing a single infusion by adding the water and stirring for 5 minutes and holding at temperature for 60 minutes you would set up your mash steps as follows:

1.  Infusion step:  add water at xx degrees, rise time of 5 minutes, hold time of 0 minutes, at temperature (mash temp)
2.  pH check (added as temperature step): rise time of 0 minutes, hold time of 1 minute at (mash temp) degrees
3.  Temperature rest:  rise time of 0 minutes, hold time of 60 minutes at (mash temp) degrees

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Re: Add Check PH Brew Step
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2018, 02:06:16 PM »
I am using the BIAB Full Body mash profile. It has 2 steps but the timer just combines them. It never alarms at the 10 minute mash out step.