Author Topic: Equipment profile for 50Gal stainless kettle 13KW butane burner for 16Gal batch  (Read 2572 times)

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I've brewed about twenty 5Gal (19L) batches with a Braumeister and also countless 1Gal (5L) batches with a pot and a BIAB bag.
I'd like to give a try to a 16Gal (60L) BIAB batch with the equipment visible on the picture.
Could someone let me know which pre-programmed BeerSmith equipment profile would be the closest to this, so I can start from it?

Additional info:

- It's a 54Gal (206L) stainless steel kettle, 23.6 inches diam x 31.5 inches tall (60x80cm), which I will seriously insulate
- The burner is a 16 inches (40cm) diameter butane burner delivering 13KW
- It will be a BIAB brew
- Temperature will be ambient, around 68?F (20?C)

Any recommendations are welcome.

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