Author Topic: Target Mash pH missing from XML export  (Read 4629 times)

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Target Mash pH missing from XML export
« on: May 07, 2020, 05:44:09 PM »
Since BeerSmith custom reports are not able to access the innards of repeating XML tags such as fermentables, mash steps, etc. I have been working on using exported XML recipes to make a custom report. However, the exported XML file does not have the Target pH or the Adjusted pH or the Measured pH. In the MASH section it has pH, but that is the default pH from the mash profile. It has nothing to do with the actual mash of the recipe. I can see including that in the mash section, but somewhere in the recipe it should have at least the Target pH, if not the Adjusted pH or Measured pH. They are clearly in the .bsmx file, so it seems they could be included in the .xml file also.