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 ??? I got my newest edition of BYO mag. They have an article about the enzyme Lysozyme. Has anyone used it or know where to get it? I have never heard of it.

I have not used it but it appears to be primarily a wine additive extracted from egg whites.

Here's a quote from Norther Brewer:


"When added at the rate of 1 gram/gallon, lysozyme will stop malolactic fermentation in wine. Some winemakers use half the normal dose instead of sulfite to kill naturally-occuring malolactic bacteria in red grape musts; if you later fine the wine with Bentonite, this will remove the lysozyme, and you can then add a cultured malolactic strain."

 For beer I believe it is used to help kill off lactic acid bacteria that could sour or spoil the beer.  It is basically an anti-bacterial additive as it attacks bacteria but is not harmful to yeast.



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