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Augustiner clone recipes anyone? I need them...


Just got back from Oktoberfest in Munich and would like to brew some Augustiner beers. Any of them.  Augustiner was the best at Oktoberfest and at their brewery, all of the beers they had were great.

Any help would be great.

In BeerSmith, you can click on 'cloud search' and type in 'Augustiner' and you will get 6 recipes which are on the BeerSmith cloud to look through as a start.  Pulling them into BeerSmith is as simple as clicking on the recipe to open it and then clicking 'save a copy' in the upper right corner of the recipe.

Thx, first time I used that feature.


I did use one of these as a base and it was very close to the real thing.  I used "Augustiner Munich Helles".


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