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Hello from Argentina!!
« on: May 14, 2020, 01:28:34 PM »
Hi everybody my name is Cristian and I'm writing from Argentina.
Nice and very helpful forum!
I cooked beer 7 years ago, with the typical configuration of 3 pots. I have been a BJCP Judge for 3 years. To make a beer and an art, is to think about it, is to enjoy the process, is to build it several days before.....
Because I moved into a very small apartment, I bought a Braumeister 20L. Soon I will publish my doubts in the respective section.
Thank you very much, cheers!
The 3 kinds of brewers who are not happy:
1)Those who do not know and do not ask
2)Those who know and do not teach ...
3)Those who teach ... but do not practice !!!