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« on: April 27, 2009, 10:22:58 PM »
If this has been suggested before, then I add my vote.  With respect to the water profile tool, there needs to be two sources for Mg, including one without any SO4.  Otherwise, the Munich water profile cannot be matched if starting with distilled or my well water.  Enough MgSO4 to match the Mg requirement adds seven times too much SO4.  Since I do not know what other economical source of Mg is available for brewing, maybe others can suggest one or two.

It would be nice if gravities where shown in both SG and Plato on both the recipe view and brew sheet displays so one would not have to switch back and forth using the options menu.  While I like to work with SG when developing recipes, because this matches the BJCP style guide, when brewing I check my gravities with a refractometer that reads in degrees Plato.  Much easier and faster than trying to cool approximately 150ml of hot wort so I can get an accurate reading with a hydrometer.

Also, for mash out, I like to add boiling water to reach my mash out temperature of 168F.  This minimizes the water grist ratio at mash out, which is still high, even though I mash in with a ratio of 1.25 qts. per pound of grain.  It would be nice if I could select such an option and have the program calculate the quantity of boiling water to add, instead of forcing me to make numerous adjustments to the amount of mash out water to hit a mash out water temperature at or just under 212F.


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Re: Sugestions
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First off, I don't believe you can add Mg any other way, it has to be in the form of MgSO4. Second, funny thing about Munich water. If you ask any brewer in Germany (A colleague of mine talked to the brewmaster of Weinstephan about this), they will tell you that they hate the brewing water in Munich, and unfortunately, because of the Rheinheitsgebot, they are unable to change anything about their brewing water. From what I am told they would prefer to have more elevated levels of sulfates for some beers, such as Alt beers. Just a thought.

Brad, if you are listening, what formula are you using to calculate your water adjustments? My formula gives a very different PPM addition, noticeably higher.


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Re: Sugestions
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Nevermind, I realized the error in my ways. :) I wasn't adding in the other salt additions. Doh!