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Beer XML standard modification discussion

Hi there,
I have been utilising an android app that produces qbrew compatible files and found that it follows a beerxml standard that Brad is a contributor to and looks like Beersmith uses. The website points to a Forum to discuss the standard but it doesn't seem to exists so I thought this might be as good as place as any to bring it up.

One thing I find is missing is being able to specify a brew date. From what I read on this forum it looks like Beersmith just uses the modified time stamp of the file to order recipes...but I might be wrong.
I would suggest that a fair amount of users don't only just use the software for generating recipes but for record keeping as well.
I feel like the <RECIPE> tag could just have <BREW_DATE></BREW_DATE> included.

But while we're at it ;) why don't we add some more tags to do with Fermentation and packaging two more crucial elements to determining the end result.

I would love to hear peoples thoughts on this.

<DATE></DATE> is there already. That contains the brew date as specified in the recipe, not just the file timestamp.


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