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First Wort Hopping


I recently started using the "first wort hops" method where you put the hops in the wort as soon as you start the main sparge (i.e. it steeps in the mash while you sparge and stays there for boiling).

I've been very pleased with the results - it seems like a smoother, but still hoppy beer.

I'm trying it on a wheat beer now to see if it will meld the flavor in at a very low hop rate.

Anyone have a good experience with first wort hopping?


I've tried it with a few IPA, but I add hops many times during the boil, so it's hard to say what contribution, if any, the first wort hops make.  ???

I get a pretty good bang for the buck with the mash hop.   It seems to add a smooth hoppy flavor without really adding any more hops.

I also use aroma hops for the appropriate styles, but I can perceive a difference with the first wort hops -- I've brewed the same recipe with and without and the second batch was much smoother and a bit hoppier.

Of course there are many other things it could be, but if it works why not?



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