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PINNED: Create a backup of your recipes

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Here's the quick method to create a backup file containing all of your recipes...

1. Select the "My Recipes" view
2. Choose the "Export As" command on the "File" menu.
3. Enter a file name.
4. Copy the file to a CDROM or Floppy later and put it in a safe place in case you have a total system meltdown.

Note - if you've made changes to one of the ingredient, equipment or style databases you can also make backups of those by first selecting the view (Hops for example) and then using the Export As command.

That's it!


Quick question...I highlighted all the logs in my brewlog and saved them off with the file/export pulldown.  That created a file about 560kb.  Then I clicked in the "my recipes" area to save off the recipes too, but then I got a file that had the recipes AND the brewlog entries and the file was about double in size (which you'd expect).  If I select "my recipes", do I get both the recipes AND the brewlogs saved so I'm saving the logs twice this way?  

I've only been putting my brewlogs out on the web for recipe exchanging and wanted to make sure what I'm putting out there is the right thing, and doesn't have 2 copies of each.

Thanx a bunch.

 I believe if you use the "File/Export" command it saves the current view completely.  Therefore if you are currently viewing "My Recipes" it will save everything under it (i.e. all folders and recipes) as well.

 However, if you are viewing a subfolder such as your brew log and then do a "File/Export" it will only save items under your brewlog.

 Finally, you can export only selected items by selecting them individually (either folders or recipes -- hold down the Control key or Shift key while selecting to multiple select)  and then use the "Save Selected Items" on the "Actions" menu -- this will only save what is selected.

 You can always check what you have saved to a file by just double clicking on the saved file from Windows file explorer-- this will open the file in BeerSmith so you can look at it.


I write them on PAPER, photocopy them and put them in an folder.
And when I get a chance [I am always brewing] I load them on the PC and burn them to CD.
I am new here, I am from Australia.
At the moment I am brewing 2 Baverian wheat beers, 1 Canadian blond beer and one wine, I just bottled a stout, my recipe.

I have a nightly backup of important files to another hard drive.  I consider recipes important.   :)

If I were to save "C:\Program Files\BeerSmith\*.bsm", would I have all of the files I need to get back to where I was if I had to re-install it?  Is there a way to have the default location of the 'working' files in another location (like "My Documents\BeerSmith") so it can be included in a general backup?



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