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In addition to the next version of BeerSmith software (2.0) which we're working very hard on, I'm thinking of branching out into other areas such as a weekly show/podcast, a book consisting of a compilation from our blog, or one or more DVDs on brewing.  

I would appreciate your thoughts on these projects as well as any other ideas you may have!


First and foremost, a Mac version.  ;D Yeah, it's me again. Of the other things you listed it all depends on your talent and skills. A book would be nice but there are tons of them out there now. I guess another wouldn't be a bad idea. Your articles and blog are very informative. For Podcasts I would find it hard to compete with The Brewing Network. I try to listen to other podcasts but normally bore quickly. About the only other I listen to is Basic Brewing which leads me to DVD's. Jim has some pretty good DVD's on brewing. There aren't many QUALITY videos out there. If you have the talent, equipment and editing and production skills, a video series at a resonable price would be something to look in to. Of course with all the cheap brewers out there, you would have to compete with all the You Tube videos.

You will be happy to know that V2.0 will be Mac!

I am salivating and waiting.

A regular podcast would be great. 

Iphone/Ipod touch is hot right now.  The current selection of apps isn't great.  This seems to be an underserved market to me and a natural space for you to expand into.

You should make an iphone version of Beersmith.  This will be a great tool for iphone users and push people toward your full desktop version.


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