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Number associated with recipes/brewlogs?


I assume it's not a difficult thing to add a number to each recipe so when I'm looking at them all I can see quickly which was made before the other and how many there are?  I know I can get this from the date, but I like to know how many recipes I have entered so far.  The brewlog tells me how many logs are there, in total, by holding the cursor over it (nice feature), but I don't I only have date to tell the order.  I guess I'm just lazy?  :-/  A number would also let me keep track of if I hit the "add to brewlog" button after entering a recipe.

If you have a reason for not doing it, that's cool too...just thought I'd ask.



Well, I guess I'd like to be more specific about what you need...

 First, you can see how many items are in a folder by opening the folder and then looking at the status bar at the bottom of the window - it will say something like "24 items, 1 selected" showing the total number of items in the folder and how many are selected.

 You can also add the "date" column to your recipe view using the "Customize Columns" command on the "View" menu -- you can then sort recipes by date just by clicking on the date.

 How would you like the numbering to work? -- just have a separate column where you display a number 1, 2, 3, ....   or would you want a number appended to duplicate recipes so you can tell them apart as in "My beer", "My beer (2)" and so on...


 :-/ Ok, I never noticed the number at the bottom on the status line.  That's really all I need.  I was having a hard time keeping track of entering the recipe and then making sure I'd  added it to the brewlog.  Your way of havign the recipe show up in the brewlog "again" if I do the same recipe over, but with a different date and potentially new comments or updates works fine.  I did notice, though, that the number at the bottom seems to be one off, and I seem to be 2 off.  I thought I'd entered 50 recipes, the number on the status line says 49 with one selected, but scrolling thru them and counting (twice) only gave me 48.  Ok, who's been drinking the most before counting?  ;D

Anyway, with knowing about the status line, I've got no real need of a number associated with a particular recipe.  If you do decide to add it based on other comments, the program I used previously assigned a one-up number to each new recipe entered.  I'm not sure what they did with the brewlog as far as numbering goes since the developer discovered "windows programming" along the way and everything became a new window and some of the features from previous version went "out the window".  :(

For me, I'm good to go with the status line count.  Thanx a bunch.


 I just checked the counts in a relatively sober state and they seem to match the number of recipes.  I even tried your set of 50 and sure enough there are 50 recipes there...

 Thanks again for all of your hard work!



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