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Still fairly new to use BeerSmith 2.0 and this may have been requested before.

When adding a new yeast to the Ingredients, need a field to specify actual amount in the yeast package.

Was just revising a recipe and using Mr Malty's Yeast Calculator for determining the amount of dry yeast needed. That's when I noticed there is no option for entering a exact amount, it's all "packages". But there is no way to indicate the size of the yeast package. While most dry yeast packages these days are 11.5 grams, there are still many 5-6 gram packages like Muntons with Coopers at 7 grams and 15 grams.

With smaller 1-3 gallon batches, exact amounts of dry yeast are more critical where ".5 pkgs" could range from 3 grams to 7 grams.



Not sure if anyone will read this, but I thought I'd add my voice to the request for this feature. I buy dry yeast in bulk and keep it in a vacuum-sealed container in the freezer. This both saves a ton of money and allows me to use the right amount of dry yeast for the size and OG of the batch, rather than being limited to either 11.5 or 23 grams (and no, I've never had a problem with infection!). Would be nice if BeerSmith allowed me to calculate the amount of yeast in grams rather than "packages."



I agree.  1pkg is like saying a pinch of this.  Science and engineering demand grams, pound, ... TO ME THIS THIS IS THE WORST PART OF THE PROGRAM to date.

The importing of libraries of ingredients is the best, next to scaling a recipe.

Brew Bama:
Has there been any thought given to allowing a weight vs by-the-package for dry yeast?  For example, Lallemand has a pitch rate calculator that recommends yeast amount in grams for the strain and SG of the wort. My upcoming 1.055 APA requires 14.3 grams BRY-97.

You can enter the approximate cell count, which is much more accurate way of quantifying than weight in grams. Different strains have different cell counts/gram, so can be quite different than the commonly used assumption of 200B cells in an 11.5 gram packet. Yeast manufacturers usually give minimum cells/gram specific to strain on their web sites.


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