Melomel – Meads and Fruit with Michael Fairbrother – BeerSmith Podcast #119

Michael Fairbrother, award winning mead maker and CEO of Moonlight Meadery joins me this week to discuss making fruit meads and melomels.  Michael uses fruit in many of his top selling meads and has a unique perspective on what fruits to use and how to get the best mead from fruit and honey!

You can find the full episode with show notes here.

Beer Water Testing with Christian Krzykwa – BeerSmith Podcast #118

Christian Krzykwa from Industrial Test Systems joins me to discuss how to measure your beer brewing water, understanding a water report and also managing your mash pH.  With the introduction of test kits and pH meters you can use at home you can get more control than ever over your brewing water and the beer brewing process.

You can find the full episode show notes here.