Beer Brewing Myths – Holiday Episode – BeerSmith Podcast 29

by Brad Smith on December 22, 2011 · 10 comments

This week I invite a panel of three of the top home brewers together to talk about beer brewing myths for an extended holiday edition of the BeerSmith podcast. My panel includes John Palmer, Gordon Strong and Denny Conn in a wide-ranging discussion of beer brewing techniques and myths.

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Topics in This Week’s Extended Holiday Episode (1:06:36)

  • This week we vary from the traditional format for a holiday extended edition where we have a panel of brewing experts discuss some popular beer brewing myths. In a wide-ranging discussion we debunk as well as confirm many popular questions in homebrewing.
  • We have an all-star panel including: Gordon Strong, President of the BJCP, 3x Ninkasi award winner and author of “Brewing Better Beer”, John Palmer author of “How to Brew” and Denny Conn who is an AHA governing committee member and runs a web site at
  • The panel comments on whether too much sugar makes your beer taste like cider – we conclude its not the sugar, but a combination of other effects that makes some beginning extract homebrew taste like cider.
  • We discuss the merits of a mash-out step – with mixed opinions on whether its needed or not.
  • The panel comments on whether a multi-step mash is really needed. Some prefer a single infusion while others regularly use a multi-step mash.
  • We talk about whether dark grains should be mashed or steeped. In general the panel supports Gordon’s position that steeping dark grains is a very useful technique.
  • We discuss the myth that batch sparging (or BIAB) are less efficient than fly sparging.
  • We have an extensive discussion on whether first wort hopping increases or decreases the bitterness of a beer.
  • We talk about steeping hops and the myth that this can be a good alternative to boiling hops.
  • The panel talks about the advantages of rapidly cooling your beer and the rise of a new technique called “no chill” brewing
  • We conclude that mash hopping is largely a waste of time!
  • Each of the guests makes some closing remarks, and we have quite a bit of fun and commentary along the way
  • Thanks for listening and happy holidays to you!

Thanks to John Palmer, Gordon Strong, and Denny Conn for appearing on the show and also to you for listening!

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