The Barley Crusher Malt Mill

Unfortunately Barley Crusher LLC has closed their doors and are no longer shipping malt mills.


Want the Perfect Crush?

Get the Barley Crusher! The adjustable dual steel rollers crush the grains while leaving the grain hull intact. This gives you maximum batch efficiency.
Old crushed grains will quickly oxidize and spoil. Freshly crush your grains to brew your best beer ever.

Speed Your Brewing Day

Crush up to 6 lbs a minute for large batches. The mill can be easily driven by a separate 3/8″ hand drill (not included) or by the provided hand crank.


  • Aluminum 7 pound or 15 pound capacity hopper
  • Dual Steel Rollers with 12 tpi knurl for ideal milling
  • Adjustable roller gap, preset at 0.039″.  Adjustable from .015″ to .070″ with the turn of a knob.
  • Removable, long arm handle included
  • Use a 3/8″ drill motor at up to 500 rpm to make quick work of large batches
  • Solid wood base with locators preset for a standard 5 gallon bucket (bucket not included).
  • Aluminum mill body with tool steel axles and oil impregnated bronze bushings
  • Shipped fully assembled – Allow 7 days for shipping plus delivery time.

Why I picked the Barley Crusher?

Dual roller mills provide the best possible milling for home brewing. I wanted an adjustable mill that could easily be used with a drill motor to handle big grain bills. The Barley Crusher is my mill of choice!

— Brad Smith

Barley Crusher Mill

7lb or 15lb Hopper

Dual Steel Rollers

Adjustable Gap

Optional Motor and Base Plate