BeerSmith 2.1 and Recipe Cloud Early Access Pass

As a subscribe to the BeerSmith newsletter, you’ve been invited to access BeerSmith 2.1 and our BeerSmith Recipe Cloud early!

NOTE: The Official release is 15 May 2012 – Please keep this information PRIVATE UNTIL 15 MAY!

BeerSmith LogoGetting Started with BeerSmith 2.1

  • Download your 2.1 update here: Windows | Mac 64 bit | Mac 32 bit | Ubuntu 64 bit | Ubuntu 32 bit
  • You may get antivirus warnings because this is a new program and new download location (until a few hundred people have it installed it, the virus programs will often flag it)
  • Install it on your machine
  • Go to and create your free basic cloud account, and check your email for a confirmation code to complete registration.
  • Browse the recipe site and download or add your own (see below)
  • You can also bookmark recipes, rate recipes, follow friends and post to your wall

Learn Using Our Free Videos (just a few minutes each)

 Upgrading Your Account!

  • A basic free BeerSmithRecipes account has limited storage (space for 10 recipes) – it is member supported
  • To offset the cost of the site, and support BeerSmith, you can purchase a subscription
  • I’m running a large discount on memberships until the end of the AHA Conference 25 June 2012
  • Memberships start at a little over $1/month – You can upgrade here!

Using the New Brewday Recipe Timer

  • Open BeerSmith 2.1 on your computer, and open any recipe
  • Go to the new Timer tab
  • Use the buttons to start, pause, or set the timer – it will show overall time and a countdown to the next step along with a list of steps for mashing/steeping as well as a separate boil timer

Finding and Downloading Recipes on

The hub of the new cloud service is a web site called  You need to establish an account on this site to use the new cloud storage and recipe sharing services.

  • Log into with your new account
  • Use the search features on the website to find recipes by keyword, type, or rating
  • Bookmark your favorites or download them to a BSMX file (if desired)
  • You can also Store a Copy of a recipe, and a private copy will be placed in your cloud folder – this is usually much faster
  • To access items in your cloud folder from within BeerSmith, open BeerSmith 2.1 and use the Cloud (view, menu) logging into your online account

Adding Recipes to the Cloud

Your cloud folder in BeerSmith 2.1 is stored online at, so recipes in your cloud folder are also available instantly on your web account at  Since your cloud folder can be accessed from in the program it is very easy to copy/paste recipes from the cloud to your local recipes folders.

  • Open BeerSmith 2.1 and go to the Cloud on the View menu/ribbon, logging into your account if needed
  • Go back to your My Recipes view in BeerSmith and select the recipes you want copied to the cloud
  • You can either right click and use the Copy to Cloud command to copy them, or use Copy/Paste to paste them to your cloud folder
  • You can also use Copy/Paste to move items added to your cloud folder back to your local recipes folders

Sharing Recipes

Any recipes added to your cloud folder are automatically marked as private.  You may choose to share these at any time.  Once a recipe is shared it is available for anyone to find and download from the site.

  • To share a recipe from within BeerSmith 2.1, go to your Cloud view
  • Next select the recipes you want to share and click on the Shared/Private button
  • You can also share them online by logging into your account and marking them as shared or private Depends on Your Paricipation!

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