BeerSmith 2.3 Software Change Log

SoftNew200Below are the change log notes for the BeerSmith 2.3 update! To download the latest version of BeerSmith visit the download page here.

Version 2.3.12 patch in beta testing

  • Added “percent” drop down to preview pane (My Recipes view) that allows scaling of reports so you can adjust font sizes.
  • Added “print to browser” option under Options->Reports which lets you send printouts to your browser for printing for machines/drivers where direct printing is not working well
  • Fixed issue where some gravity readings were being rounded in the third digit
  • Corrected issue where some users were crashing when editing and saving ingredients and profiles

Version 2.3.9 patch in beta testing – Release notes:

  • Fixed issue from 2.3.8 where print button could cause crash if printing from an open recipe
  • Fixed choose hop dialog to handle “form” of hop change for hop extracts properly
  • Fixed issue with calendar not refreshing properly when it is first viewed
  • Fixed minor issue in temperature steps with zero water addition that was showing a positive water addition value incorrectly
  • Added scaling box for HTML reports so you can change the size of reports for printout.  Added new $PRINT_SCALE variable which can be used with CSS in reports to control overall font size.
  • Added “fermenter” field to session tab so you can specify which fermenter is being used for a beer.  Also added this to recipe report.
  • Altered fermentation readings so you can select either temperature, gravity or both for a single reading (if you don’t always measure both).
  • Corrected bug in calendar refresh where calendar was not being populated the first time it was viewed.
  • Added carb estimate and measured value to recipe printout (shows both now)
  • Corrected ingredient list so it can now be scrolled if a recipe is locked.  Also added message if you try to edit ingredients for a locked recipe.
  • Changed date format for fermentation readings so they are displayed in proper date format (per Options->Units settings)
  • Changed water volume to default to total water needed when adding water to a recipe.
  • “Add without closing” button on water chooser now prompts to add water minerals (previously it did not)
  • Corrected remove from inventory so it does not display duplicates of items not found in inventory
  • Fixed a small bug in sash position update where preview window was not retaining size in all cases.

Version 2.3.7 patch released – click here to see the 2.3.7 patch release notes.

Changes to BeerSmith Version 2.3

Major Features:
– Support for (above HD) widescreen window scaling and 200% font size on windows
– New “Session” tab consolidates overlapping data related to a session, and session
data can be reset so you can track which data was entered for a given recipe
– Better Recipe Editing (see below) with focus and keyboard shortcuts
– Added mash pH estimator (based on water profile and grain bill) as well as a pH acid adjustment
feature (for lactic, phosphoric or acid malt) based on measured pH on the Recipe mash tab
— Also added a separate stand-alone mash pH adjustment tool
— Note – In Recipe Editor does NOT take into account water additions which are assumed to be rolled
into the water profile chosen (use Tools->Water profile to develop a profile and additions first)
— Note pH estimate does not include misc acid additions as pH should be measured and estimated separately using acid
adjustment estimation box to the right of the pH estimate box (mash tab) which will give you an accurate amount to add
– Corrected a variety of focus issues so keyboard focus is saved as views/dialogs are changed
– Water can now be priced, inventoried and added to the shopping cart
– Added water profile stats to water profiles including recommended brewing ion levels, Residual Alkalinity,
hardness, chloride/sulfate ratio, bitterness profile of water – now available for all water profiles.
– Added field for Mash Water Addition to equipment profile to allow for equipment that may
have a significant recoverable volume under the mash screen and need more mash volume
– Increased custom field display to 26 fields in Design view (up from 13)
– Can now lock/unlock recipes to prevent them from being changed (currently desktop only)
– Late sugar and extract additions now work properly for all grain, and partial mash recipes
– Significantly modified late extract calculator to more accurately estimate IBUs as gravity changes over boil
– You can now navigate folders via the title bar when viewing subfolders of My Recipes
– Added options in equipment profile to allow carry over of remaining boil hops to whirlpool (for utilization)
— This feature can also be used for “no chill” as it does a hop-by-hop calculation of IBUs added while cooling
– Allow override of “Another copy is running” error to account for case where crash on Mac creates stale lock file
– Added support for CO2 Hop Extract as well as Isomerized Hop extract in recipes (in ml)
— CO2 extract should be boiled – use alpha content for alpha percentage (typically 35-70%)
— Isomerized extract need not be boiled – use iso-alpha percentage as the alpha percent for hops (typically 40-60%)
– You can now record detailed fermentation gravity and temperature and graph it against age profile planned on session tab
– New “Recover from Backup” command (File menu) lets you view or recover from automatic backups made
– Corrected issue where change of options (units) were not reflected in open recipes/dialogs, causing a variety of problems
– Yeast viability can now be set for each yeast record allowing more accurate handling of White Labs and other yeast packages

Recipe Editing:
– You can now add multiple items when adding ingredients by choosing the “Add Ingredient Without Closing” button from within the add dialogs
– Added duplicate button to duplicate ingredients in recipe design view
– New Hop Adjust button lets you adjust individual hop IBU contributions all at once
– Ingredient editing now uses simplified dialogs with detail buttons
— This feature can be turned off (use old dialogs) from Options->Look and Feel->Simplified Recipe Editing box
– Flexible sizing of recipe design view – now allows wider ingredient list on wide screens
– Undo button below ingredient add buttons can undo last ingredient change in design tab
— Also allows undo of scale, convert, adjust gravity and adjust bitterness functions when recipe open
– Added key shortcuts to recipe design view – Del=Delete, Ctrl-h = Add hops, Ctrl-M=Add Misc,
Ctrl-Y=Add yeast, Ctrl-G=Add grain, Ctrl-W=Add water, Ctrl-D=duplicate, Ctrl-s=Substitute, Ctrl-A=Select All
+/-/==Increment/Decrement amount, Ctrl-z=Undo Last Item, [ or ] will decrement or increment time for item
– You can now cut/paste ingredients within the design view – use Ctrl-c (copy), Ctrl-v (paste), Ctrl-x (cut), Ctrl-A (Select All)
– In-place editing of ingredient amounts from within recipe editor (Windows)
– Fixed focus issues so focus remains on ingredient list as adds/deletes are done
– Ingredients can now be multi-selected for delete/duplication and incrementing/decrementing
– New field for carbonation based on measured final volume is below the carbonation estimate (based on est final vol)
– Altered formats on recipe design pages to allow ingredients, notes, mash to expand with window size
– Added brew date to starter page and also calculator to estimate Dry Malt Extract needed for starter (tool and starter tab)
– Corrected discontinuity in mash temperature adjustments to FG estimates – now handles mash temps < 144 or > 159 properly

Lesser Features
– Disabled undo button when dialog editor is open – was causing confusion for many users
– Enter/Escape key now saves/cancels most dialogs and there is a look/feel option to allow closing of tabs also
– All dialogs make better use of wide screens now – larger fields and graphs scale
– Corrected “Ctrl-z” to undo edits within a field (Windows only – previously it did not work properly)
– Buttons can now be activated using the space bar keyboard shortcut (Windows only)
– Corrected bug when adding mash step from recipe mash tab that could cause crashes
– Corrected bug in cloud that could cause errrors on cloud account above its recipe limit
– Allow “not fermentable” to affect FG for all grain types (previously was sugar, extract, dry only)
– Adjusted color schemes to be more neutral
– Added “color” indicators and recommended ranges for water ions to water profile tool
– Corrected bug in water profile tool where selecting a water profile (base, dilute, target) did not update totals
– Add of a folder in My Recipes now has an “undo” button
– Corrected minor math error with boil cool percent that could throw off pre-boil volume for very large cool percentages
– Fixed ‘&’ bug on Mac where using an ampersand in the recipe name could cause a crash
– Corrected Water Avail from Mash to reflect tun deadspace (previously not reflected in displayed value)
– Program now gives you an option to upgrade your cloud space (if desired) when cloud space fills up
– You can now set the number of digits after decimal (Precision) for the Currency under Options->Units
– Corrected rounding issue where values were sometimes shown as “x lbs 16 oz” when showing pounds and ounces
– Added feature to allow “lock file override” if the program has a copy that did not close properly.
– Improved mouse wheel propagation for dialogs (however if you use the scroll wheel in a list it will still scroll the list)
– Removed black background from style sheet that was messing up many people when printing
– Made BJCP 2015 Style guide the new default style guide
– Incorporated 2013 and 2016 yeast and hops add-ons in the default add-on
– Fixed minor issue where water additions for boil were showing twice on the brew sheet
– Added yeast attenuation to the stats page
– Corrected backup file code to handle/store backups better, and also autosave them better
– Added option to turn off “updated version” check (advanced options tab)

Fixes in the 2.3.7 patch
– “Update Prices” in design tab now will update the water prices as well (previously did not)
– Corrected main recipe report templates to provide better printouts and use slightly smaller fonts
– Dragging left side to resize window rapidly in Win 10 could cause a crash – corrected
– Fixed issue with font scaling on Win 10 causing blurry fonts – marked app as DPIAware to correct
– Corrected issue with notes field not scrolling properly using mouse wheel
– Corrected bug where zero boil time hops were not carried over to whirlpool
– Narrowed design screen display slightly by adjusting labels to accomodate those with narrow screens

Fixes in 2.3.6
– Corrected timer issues with Mac OSX where some alarms were not playing on brewday timer
– Set up alternate shortcuts for Mac recipe editing using the REAL control key such as Control-H=add hops, Ctrl-Y=Add yeast, etc…since Command-H is a reserved combo that hides the screen.
– Fixed issue where Login to cloud failed if the enter key was used to close the dialog
– Corrected similar issue on activation dialog if closed with the enter key

Fixes in 2.3.5
– Fixed issue with scroll bars not appearing as tabs changed (windows) in a recipe
– Added time to display/edit of session fermentation temp/gravity data for more complete recording
– Changed button fonts in an attempt to give proper retina display of these fonts (Mac)
– Added help file updates
– Corrected bug that prevented edit of the water/grain ratio within a mash profile

UPDATES/Fixes for 2.3.4
– Corrected pre-boil OG to not include late extract/sugar additions
– Fixed return key (was not working) in multi-line fields
– Major fixes to keyboard focus (windows) – not maintained across tabs
– Corrected date display on session tab (previously was shifted on windows)
– Disabled drag/drop of colums (windows) which conflicted with regular column order editing
– Removed mash thickness (dup) from session tab (was in l/kg fixed)
– Corrected issues with enter key closing some tabs without option being set
– Corrected duplicate display of inventory field when customizing columns in design view
– Corrected fields so changes to one tab carries over to others properly
– Added grams of dry yeast to starter calculation
– Added acid amounts and pH to recipe report, added acid amounts to brew sheet
– Added carbonation profile edit to session tab
– Added post mash gravity/efficiency to mash tab
– Corrected tab order so new recipes opened are placed in tab order next to folder tabs (better behavior on close)
– Updated sparge water acid calculation to include water pH (more accurate) as well as bicarbs (both recipe and tool)
– Fixed “double click” in choose dialogs so you can select a recipe item by double clicking
– Corrected crash when emptying shopping cart

Mac Specific Fixes for 2.3.4
– Added “Retina” versions of all graphics and enable Retina display support
– Corrected a huge number of focus issues – program now changes focus much better as you navigate windows/views
– Corrected “Edit details…” buttons on the simplified edit dialog – previously it locked things up
– Key shortcuts for adding/editing ingredients now work as long as you are focused on the ingredient list when you enter them
– Now prevent edit of ingredients if a recipe is locked (previously you could still edit these)
– Corrected “clear field” on session tab so it now clears field that currently has focus (resets just that field)