BeerSmith 2 and Linux/Wine

While Linux/Wine is not an “officially” supported BeerSmith 2 platform, many users have had success running BeerSmith 2 in Wine for the last several months with some minor limitations.

Installing in Wine:

  • To run BS2 under wine download the Visual C++ Runtime Library (2008) [about 1.7mb] from here first
  • Install this file before you try to run the BS installer When installed —- Run the the BS2 installer with Wine.

Additional Wine Notes/Limitations Found (Notes provided by Steve Nichols)

  • Don’t try to click and hold to drag tabs this will lock up Wine and you will need to kill Wine.
  • The spinner buttons in the scale/adjust dialogs (little up/down arrows) don’t seem to increment the values properly
  • Printing –BS2 internally links to IE [I believe] and while you can install IE with Wine for some reason IE doesn’t appear to be seen by BS2 so brewsheets etc. don’t print via the Brewsheet button. Brad has provided a save to .html function so you can then save to your Beersmith folder which is in your home folder [I created a “Recipe Printout” folder] load he saved file using the browser of your choice.
  • I have found Konqueror has the best printout for me. There may be other small issues but considering the program is designed for Windows and runs 99% perfect under Wine in Linux I’m well pleased.
  • I run the latest PCLinuxOS but also tested with Ubuntu 10 and 11. I did find Ubuntu 11 to be fairly buggy when first released but it has had many routine updates since then so probably like all the linux versions is now very stable.
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