BeerSmith 2 Build 40 Release Notes

BeerSmith 2 build 40 (2.0.40) is a mainline release to BeerSmith 2.0 and includes a number of fixes and enhancements.  It includes a significant number of enhancements as well as fixes for major problems or concerns found in the last two weeks.

NOTE: Due to a bug in version 2.0.38 and below, you may not receive an update notification telling you of a new version. Please download BeerSmith 2 version 2.0.40 or above directly from the download page or links below.  Versions 2.0.40 and above should correctly notify you when updates are available.

If you find issues with this build please post your problems to the discussion forum.

Download Links (direct): Install to same program/application directory as your previous version

    Build 40 Major Changes:

    • Made boil off rate the default for all equipment profiles, and added option for fixed boil off volume as well
    • Mash step water/grain ratio is now editable, and the infusion temperature is shown while editing
    • Added a “Save As” button to recipe edit dialog (when not a new recipe)
    • Now include yeast starter volume in final bottling volume for a recipe (optional)
    • Corrected a bug in the “update notification” which prevented earlier versions from detecting a new update from the internet
    • Water additions from a water profile can now be added to a recipe when you add the water
    • Changed all BIAB mash profiles to use an infusion step as the first mash step
    • Large dialogs are now scaled/scrolled to fit smaller screens (such as netbooks)
    • Added option to turn popups off (useful on Mac) – under Options->Look and Feel

    Build 39 Corrects the following problems:

    • Corrected issue on PC where Brew Steps preview sometimes showed an earlier version of an altered recipe
    • Corrected network issues – previous version could potentially “hang” if you tried to activated it but were not connected to the internet
    • Corrected display issue where buttons were sometimes overlapping scroll bars on the Macintosh version
    • Corrected issue with some custom ingredients not immediately showing up when added to inventory
    • Corrected sorting of items by type on shopping view and also inventory view
    • Color calculation is now based on post-boil volume (batch vol + trub loss)
    • Corrected display of dialog headings and also dialog sizes for those using large (150% or larger) windows fonts
    • Corrected issue on Mac where repeated clicking of Brew Steps button could cause preview window to crash
    • Removed mash in steps that were erroneously being displayed on some new extract recipes
    • Corrected calories display for metric units – now displays “calories per liter”
    • Moved “select fields” button to top of fields list, and corrected issue with fields being cut off at bottom
    • Corrected water/grain ratio display in mash adjust tool and also mash step editor – now displays metric units correctly
    • Mac version – corrected properties dialogs displaying below main window when opened.
    • Added priming sugar amount to brewsheet (now displayed near bottom)
    • Added field for hopped liquid extract bitterness (measured in IBU-Gal/lb) to grains/extract editor
    • Disabled end temps on fermentation editor if not used for currently set number of stages
    • Widened “Notes” field for notes – creating additional space
    • Changed title on brew steps/bottling ingredients to include the dry hop steps
    • Moved storage of Macintosh config files out of /Library directory and back to user’s directory
    • Corrected minor display of temperature steps – that previously showed zero water addition on a temperature step
    • Corrected bug that would have permitted editing of units for Misc items during inventory add (not allowed)
    • Temporary report files are now cleaned up on exit
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