BeerSmith 2 Build 48 (2.0.48) Release Notes

I’m happy to launch BeerSmith 2 build 48 which has a number of new features and also corrections to enhance the program and make it easier to use.

The latest build is always available from our download page here.

Changes in Build 48 (from Build 46)

  • Corrected critical error where tabs for yeast starter, mash, etc… were not being displayed when adding a new recipe.
  • Corrected minor issue with “hidden menu” setting not being saved on PC version
  • Corrected issue that saved size of preview pane incorrectly – not it is saved properly between sessions

Major Change from Build 45 to Build 46

  • Build 46 corrects a bug in build 45 (which was available for only a few days) that presented mash steps in an incorrect order.  The mash steps were being sorted by name and not temperature which resulted in some strange mash profiles.  This has been corrected in build 46.

Major Changes from earlier builds (41 and below):

  • Added BeerXML Import – you can now open BeerXML format files directly in BeerSmith2.
  • Moved “tabs” for open recipes up to the title bar for a cleaner use of space (good for those with small screens)
  • Added prompt to ask user if they want to save a recipe as a new name when the version number for the recipe has changed
  • Added option to allow dialogs to be scrolled with mouse wheel or gesture (Mac) for all items except lists (for lists it will scroll the list instead)
  • Added command to allow display of smaller icons without labels on ribbon for saving space/advanced users
  • Changed shopping list to display long name for items added so yeast product numbers, hop alpha, etc are now included
  • Corrected BeerXML export – it was exporting some items more than once. Also corrected BeerXML export of non-ASCII characters to support a wider variety of external programs.
  • Added command to allow hiding of main menu (PC Only – Mac menu can never be hidden)

Additional Changes:

  • Corrected menu/ribbon/sidebar to allow almost all commands to be run from just one of the three
  • Added option in Units Tab (Options Dialog) to allow hectograms to be used for pricing hops
  • Corrected bug from build 42 where some shopping items were not matching inventory/displaying inventory properly
  • Added $PRICE tag for custom reports
  • Added support to allow choosing form of hops (whole, leaf, plug) when adding a new hop item to a recipe
  • Corrected bug that caused problems with reading/storing many option values when the decimal point was set to a “comma” for international use
  • Added support for multiple character currencies in pricing (options dialog)
  • Recipe folders in the shortcut sidebar are now displayed in alphabetic order (instead of random order)
  • Corrected problem where deleting a add-on could delete recipes in the folder if user created recipes in an add-on folder
  • Import Wizard now adds items that have a positive inventory but are not already in the existing hops/grain/misc databases
  • Fixed “water/grain” precision bug to allow proper setting of water/grain ratio and water amounts in mash profiles
  • Corrected storing of column sort order – it previously did not store “reverse” sorts properly between sessions
  • Corrected sorting bug that caused some users to crash (usually without an error message) when sorting main views
  • Added new unit system for yeast starters – can be set from yeast starter tab (i.e. quarts, gallons or liters for example)
  • Corrected bug in pricing of inventory for Misc items
  • Corrected bug in list control that may have led to some crashes
  • Corrected bug in import of files that could have led to crashes (only two instances known)
  • Added “print tab” button to print screens for open recipes, and changed default print function to use default recipe format instead (more intuitive)
  • Corrected BeerXML water/grain ratio on export
  • Corrected problem where double click of some buttons was bleeding through to window underneath it
  • Matched DME carbonation factors between recipe carb calculator and standalone tool
  • Corrected bug in late extract additions – was not allowing late extract additions in a partial mash brew
  • Added choose button to make it easier to add custom report templates
  • Corrected water/grain ratio on infusion tool – was not showing metric units properly


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